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Between 2021 and 2025, €145 billion will be invested in Europe on 5G rollouts (Source: Mobile Economy Europe, GSMA 2021). According to The Impact of 5G on the European Economy (Accenture 2021), 5G will drive €2 trillion of additional sales in Europe (EU27, plus UK), adding €1 trillion to European GDP, bringing or transforming up to 20 million jobs. This will trigger a multiplier effect, for example, for every €1 invested in 5G by the ICT industry, €1 of value will be created in the economy. Industry verticals are contributing significantly in terms of socio-economic benefits. For eample, from 2025, automotive, healthcare, transport and the utilities are forecast to generate €62.5 billion/year of direct economic benefits. 

This Verticals Cartography tracks the progress of Europe’s 5G Public Private Partnership (5G PPP) in developing 5G technology enablers and applications across diverse market segments through a large set of use cases, spanning proofs of concept, prototypes, demonstrations, trials and pilots to give consumers and vertical end-users tangible examples of 5G usage. Launched in September 2018, the Cartography is designed as a sustainable resource across Europe and globally with regular reports on updates and impacts of 5G use cases within the 5G PPP. These are available for June 2019, March 2020 and September 2020.

Annual showcase brochures of successful mature use cases stem from the competitions coordinated within the 5G-IA Trials Working Group. Three such brochures are available: 5G Infrastructure PPP - Trials and Pilots published in September 2019; December 2020 and August 2021. Each year, the top ten trials and pilots are selected by WG Panel Members based on pre-defined evaluation criteria. 

How to use the 5G PPP verticals cartography:

To view the many examples available, click on industry vertical, country locations, type of use case experiment and functionalities defined by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU): Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB), Massive Machine Type Communications (mMTC), and Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications (URLLC), as well as 5G technical Key Performance Indicators achieved within the 5G PPP. 

This brochure, Trials and Pilots for Connected and Automted Mobility, illustrates use cases, e.g. tele-operated driving, key 5G KPIs, e.g. reliability, 5G deployments and technical features. It is one of the outcomes of the 5G PPP Automotive WG. 


Transport & Logistics

5G-SOLUTIONS: Autonomous assets and logistics for smart harbour/port

Enabling real-time operation and integration support for autonomous assets in a logistics hub in Norway


5G-HEART: Autonomous and Assisted driving

Smart junctions, quality of service and human tachographs forming a multi-faceted trial on automotive


5G-HEART: Platooning

See-through and dynamic channel management for traffic pogression for enhanced vehicle manouevering and road safey


5G-HEART: Vital-sign patches with advanced geo-localisation

Improving geo-localisation in medical care with a vital-sign patch prototype and localisable tag


5G-HEART: Pillcam

Testing real-time transmissions to improve diagnosis with 5G technologies


5G-HEART: Remote interventional support

A multi-faceted 5G trial for remote and emergency medical care with better situaltional awareness

Agriculture and Farming

5G-HEART: Remote monitoring of water and fish quality

Using 5G technologies and site-specific equipment to improve the transfer of sensory and video data in real-time with computation at the edge and remotely operated drones.

Smart Cities

5G-SOLUTIONS: Intelligent Street Lighting

Saving power, reducing light pollutaion while improving pedestrian and vehicular safety and security. 


5G-SOLUTONS: Electricity network frequency stability

Using 5G to asess communication reliability as a critical factor for serving EV markets 


5G-SOLUTIONS: Electric Vehicle (EV) Smart Charging

Improving real-time charging power setpoints with edge storage and processing capabilities