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Overview of 5G-HEART: Platooning 

This use case focuses on platooning, where vehicles form a tightly coordinated “train” with significantly reduced inter-vehicle distance for increased road capacity and efficiency. To improve the platooning operation, a set of functionalities are considered, including “see-through and situational awareness” and “dynamic channel management for traffic progression”.

“See-through and situational awareness” are used to provide prior visual notifications to allow the drivers of the platoon members to expect the manoeuvres of the platoon leader (i.e., first vehicle) and get ready to take over the control of the vehicle if needed.

“Dynamic channel management for traffic progression” to optimise the radio channel assignment within the coverage area of various road side units (RSUs) with a focus on intersections / junctions. 

Use Case Data Summary

Locations: Surrey (UK), Groningen (Netherlands), Oulu (Finland)

Dates: Q1-2021, Q3-2022

Partners involved: University of Surrey, National Technical University of Athens, Epitomical Ltd 

Funding reference: Horizon 2020; ICT-19-2019 - Advanced 5G validation trials across multiple vertical industries

Funding cycle: June 2019-November 2022

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