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Overview of the 5GROWTH use case on Safety Critical Communications for transportation

The use case will demonstrate the use of 5G communications for the railway safety critical communications, particularly at Level Crossing systems, supporting data information exchange between the level crossing train detector activation points and the LX (Level Crossing) controller. Since this type of communication is considered critical, the most relevant issues are related to reliability, availability and low latency in order to assure the proper behavior of the system according to railway signaling safety communications standards EN50159-2 class 7. 

Use Case Data Summary

Location: Portugal, Porto de Aveiro; Altice Labs

Dates: Q4 -2020  (Demo at IT/Altice Labs ), Q2-2021  (Trial/Pilot at Aveiro Harbour), Q4-2021  (Trial/Pilot  at Aveiro Harbour) 

Partners involved: EFACEC ENGENHARIA E SISTEMAS (vertical); Altice Labs (operator); IT Aveiro (cloud service provider)

EC funding reference: H2020-ICT-2018-3; ICT-19-2019 - Advanced 5G validation trials across multiple vertical industries

Funding cycle: June 2019-February 2022

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