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3GPP TSG RAN WG3 - Iu, Iub, Iur, S1, X2 and UTRAN/E-UTRAN

The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) is the primary body for developing technology specifications for cellular networks. It self-organises through its Working Groups coordinated by the Chairs of the Technical Specifications Groups (TSGs).

RAN WG3 (Iu, Iub, Iur, S1, X2 and UTRAN/E-UTRAN) is responsible for the development of specifications dealing with UTRA, Evolved UTRA, and beyond, and in particular for:

  • Overall UTRAN and E-UTRAN architecture.
  • Synchronisation in UTRAN and E-UTRAN.
  • Stage 2 work of Work Items allocated by TSG RAN to RAN WG3.
  • UTRAN and E-UTRAN O&M requirements.
  • Iu interface protocol specifications, i.e. access stratum protocols over the Iu reference point.
  • Iur and Iub interface protocol specifications.
  • Iupc interface protocol specifications.
  • Iubc interface protocol specifications.
  • Transport of implementation specific O&M between the Management System and Node B.
  • Application of the RANAP on the E-interface.
  • Iu-ant interface protocol specifications (RF-parts of the layer 1 specification are under the responsibility of RAN4).
  • Parts of Iu and Iur protocols common to GERAN and UTRAN (Iu-g and Iur-g).
  • S1 and X2 interface protocol specifications.
  • M1, M2 and M3 interface protocol specifications.
  • Iuh, and Iurh interface protocols specification.
  • LTE Positioning Protocol A (LPPa).
  • Xw interface protocol specifications.


Gino Masini, RAN3 Chair, Ericsson LM. Member of ETSI. Elected to 2nd term in May 2019.

Yin Gao, RAN3 Vice-Chair, ZTE Corp. Member of CCSA. Elected in August 2019.

Sasha Sirotkin, RAN3 Vice-Chair, Intel. Member of ATIS. Elected to 2nd term in Many 2019.


Issam Toufik

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