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With two exhibitions and a rich mix of conference tracks, the International Robotics Festival in Pisa was a premier event for showcasing key advances in robotics across diverse sectors and domains. The exhibition at the Stazione Leopolda, which took place from Friday 31 September to Sunday 2 October, was a vibrant and entertaining space attracting visitors of all ages and from all walks of life. 

Features: from Robotics demos to the 5G PPP Verticals Cartography

Within this setting, supported the 5G-TRANSFORMER Cloud Robotics demo and the 5G-CORAL Edge Robotics demo. Another key feature of the stand was the recently launched 5G PPP Verticals Cartography. The Cartography was presented by Stephanie Parker of, distributing the very popular Cartography gadgets and giveaways to the exhibition visitors.

With application-specific scenarios and usage for 5G already identified, phase 2 projects in Europe's public private partnership (5G PPP) are now poised to launch prototypes, demonstrations and pilots investigating ITU 5G functionalities, spanning enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), ultra-reliable and low-latency communication (URLLC) and massive machine type communications (mMTC) across Europe between 2018 and 2020. The Cartography shows these experiments across diverse vertical industries, country locations and the all-important 5G functionalities. The experiments are part of the 5G Infrastructure Association Pan-European Trials Roadmap, which is playing a key role in driving global European leadership in 5G technology, networks deployment and profitable business. The Roadmap also validates the benefits of 5G to vertical sectors, including businesses, public sector and consumers while promoting a clear path to the successful and timely deployment of 5G in Europe. 

Industry visitors to the stand included representatives from manufacturing, transport (e.g. rail and ports) and logistics, identifying potential synergies with 

5G-TRANSFORMER Cloud Robotics Demo

Erin Seder from Ericsson Italy introduced George, the Ericsson robot to the many visitors, from 5 to 50+. In this 5G-TRANSFORMER demo, George is a remotely orchestrated mobile robot that uses image recognition to guide itself (without GPS) to a warehouse area for pallet transfer. As George reaches the designated location, a remotely orchestrated robotic arm loads a pallet onto the mobile robot. George then re-navigates (without GPS) to a loading bay where the pallet is unloaded using another robotic arm. 

5G-CORAL Edge Robotics

Stephanie Parker of talked visitors through this edge robotics demo jointly developed by 5G-CORAL, 5G-TRANSFORMER and 5G-Ex. The demo shows how the value chain is generated by edge robotics services in a manufacturing environment, using a slice of the network, which is provided on the operator side. Virtualisation technologies enable the operator to provide networking and computing capabilities at the edge of the network. Everything is remote and secure. 5G-CORAL is an international cooperation initiative between Europe and Taiwan, which will integrate and demonstrate its technologies in large-scale testbeds. Both 5G-TRANSFORMER and 5G-CORAL build on major advances brought by 5G-Crosshaul, a 5G PPP phase 1 project. 

5G-Crosshaul breakthroughs: integrated 5G transport network

The challenges posed by 5G development require a holistic perspective on all technologies set to shape the mobile networks of the future. Chief among these is the transport network. 5G-Crosshaul made a crucial step towards the real-world implementation of future 5G communications system and is now the de-facto concept for an integrated 5G transport network. The 5G-Crosshaul unified management environment combines hardware, software and cloud services bringing all the data transport and networking elements together with flexible, integrated solutions that merge the backhaul and fronthaul. 18 real-world experiments in Europe and Taiwan enabled 5G-Crosshaul to design and validate its own crosshaul data plane, control plane and applications delivering sub-millisecond latency, massive throughput (tens of Gbps) and proven energy and cost savings of up to 70 %, depending on the deployment scenario.

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