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We are happy to announce the Second phase of the 1st 5GINFIRE Open Call “Initial experiments and additional functionalities and infrastructures for experimentation”.


Submission deadline:                                  19 September 2018 at 17:00 Brussels local time

Mandatory feasibility check deadline:     12 September 2018 at 17:00 Brussels local time


Call objectives:

The main technical objective of 5GinFIRE is to build and operate an open and extensible 5G NFV-based reference (Open5G-NFV) ecosystem of experimental facilities that not only integrates existing FIRE facilities with new vertical-specific ones, but also lays down the foundations for instantiating fully softwarized architectures of vertical industries and experimenting with them. The initial instantiation of the Open5G-NFV ecosystem was targeted to the automotive vertical industry requirements, addressed across state-of-the-art 5G infrastructures. However, it is as generic as possible in order to host other verticals applications.

In alignment with the overall project objectives 5GINFIRE is organising a competitive open call targeting external organizations, including industry, SMEs, research institutions, and academia, interested in performing experiments on the top of the infrastructure provided by 5GinFIRE. In order to further improve the 5GinFIRE ecosystem and add new needed functionalities for experimenters, the open call mechanism is used to involve third parties, which are able to provide the needed additional infrastructures and functionalities. Therefore this 5GinFIRE open call targets the following types of experimenters and facility providers:


  • Category 1 (call identifier 5ginfire-1-exp-2): Invite experimenters to use the 5GINFIRE experimental facilities, taking advantage of the provided testbed features such as SDN, NFV and VxFs to test vertical applications
  • Category 2:

a.         Invite open source developers to provide missing functionality that is necessary for the lifecycle management of infrastructure components that enable virtualized infrastructures (call identifier 5ginfire-1-inf-a-2).

b.        Invite designers and facility providers of other verticals to take advantage of the 5GinFIRE toolsets, facilities and best practices, and integrate new experimentation infrastructures / testbeds in the 5GINFIRE portfolio (call identifier 5ginfire-1-inf-b-2).


Available funding:

  • Category 1: for experiment proposals (call identifier 5ginfire-1-exp-1), maximum € 75,000 funding per accepted proposal
  • Category 2-a: for new functionalities (call identifier 5ginfire-1-inf-a-1), maximum € 60,000 funding per accepted proposal
  • Category 2-b: for extending infrastructures (call identifier 5ginfire-1-inf-b-1), maximum € 125,000 funding per accepted proposal


Total of € 375,000 for proposals in Category 1 is available for this Open Call.

Total of € 180,000 for proposals in Category 2-a is available for this Open Call.

Total of € 250,000 for proposals in Category 2-b is available for this Open Call.


Complete Open Call announcement can be find in the attached document and further detailed information is available on the 5GINFIRE project website at


If you have any further questions, please, do not hesitate to contact 5GINFIRE at


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