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Overview of the 5G-SMART Trial on 5G in Semiconductor Factory

The validation and evaluation of 5G deployment for factory automation takes place at the Bosch semiconductor factory in Reutlingen, Germany. This trial site focuses on 5G capabilities for manufacturing applications like control of mobile robots for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) on the factory floor. In particular, the use case is concerned with AGVs used for transport of wafers within the semiconductor production factory.

AGV applications and industrial control communication are tested at the trial site, a Bosch semiconductor factory in Reutlingen. Here, 5G-SMART is working towards the realisation of two use cases: Cloud-based mobile robotics and TSN/Industrial LAN over 5G. The intelligence of an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) is being completely removed and reimplemented in a cloud native manner in the edge cloud, reducing the cost of the robot and simplifying scalability. For this use case, a first demo has been developed that showcases the coordination of the mobile robots using a common map stored in the Edge cloud. Furthermore, 5G-SMART has undertaken two measurement campaigns in the Bosch semiconductor factory. The first measurement campaign was conducted to better understand the propagation characteristics of 5G radio waves in industrial environments. In the second measurement campaign electromagnetic compliance was studied.

Use Case Data Summary

Location: Reutlingen, Germany

Dates: Q2-2022

Partners involved; Bosch

Funding reference: Horizon 2020; ICT-19-2019 - Advanced 5G validation trials across multiple vertical industries

Funding cycle; June 2019-May 2022

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