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5G Context for Situation Awareness

The European Union is driving large-scale, collaborative cross-border validation activities on cooperative, connected and automated mobility (CCAM). The aim is further advance the blending of infrastructures and vehicles with the digital world as it becomes increasingly always-connected, automated and intelligent. 

In this context, Green Driving has become a top priority as the transportation sector strives to limit its impact as a significant contributor to pollution with Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Particulate Matter (PM). Around 12% of CO2 emissions in the EU are produced by vehicles. 

Through the 5G PPP, 5G-CARMEN contributes to reducing these impacts through 5G technology enablers, such as: 5G New Radio (NR); C-V2X; Multi-access edge computing; highly accurate positioning and timing; predictive quality of service, as well as secure multi-domain and cross-border servie orchestration for end-to-end network services. 

Overview of Trials

5G-CARMEN is working on solutions towards the promotion of greener driving attitudes that will lead to meaningful improvements in terms of air quality. 5G-CARMEN will also bring to transportation elements for entirely new solutions for road operators, road authorities and transport authorities. 

Sensor-based information from connected vehicles and smart sensors measuring local emissions, data on weather conditions, traffic situations, legislation databases are all key to advancing greener driving with 5G technologies. This information will determine a course of action that limits the negative impact of vehicular transportation on public health and the environment. 

Trial locations

Trials take place along the German-Austrian border (Kufstein) and the Austrian-Italian border (Brennero). These locations are part of a 600 km road corridor from Bologna to Munich, which connects the three European regions of Bavaria, Tirol and Trentino. 

Trial Dates


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