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2nd 5G Vertical User Workshop, 9-10 July, Eurostars Roma Aeterna Hotel, Rome - Initiative of 3GPP Market Representation Partners (MRPs)


5G networks are intended to bring a new disrupting ecosystem, where actors such as the Vertical industries (automotive, Industry 4.0, health, media, security & public safety, energy, rail and maritime) will be involved alongside the telecom operators, manufacturers, SMEs and research institutes. Therefore, there is an increasing need to involve this wider range of industries to optimally capture end-user requirements and contribute to the 3GPP standardisation process. 3GPP’s working groups operate bottom-up based on partners contributions. As such, 3GPP would notably benefit from further developing the role and usefulness of 5G vertical industries as Market Representation Partners.
This 5G Vertical Users Workshop, as an initiative of a subset of European 3GPP Market Representation Partners (MRPs), was designed to help vertical industries become part of the standardisation process, create new synergies and obtain guidance from 3GPP by exchanging on future needs and upcoming standards developments.
To boost technical inputs and networking, the workshop was co-located with the 3GPP SA6 Meeting, with dedicated slots on day 2. 
A key outcome of the workshop was boosting contributions to 5G standardisation across verticals and 5G projects, with the current focus in 3GPP on Release 17. The agenda for this 5G Vertical Users Workshop therefore focused on: 5G vertical technical viewpoints, common requirements and complementarities and common interests with lively interactive discussions. 
Key outcomes of the workshop include a forthcoming report and an “Input Document” for the 3GPP Project Coordination Group (PCG) and Technical Specification Groups (TSG) detailing concrete action points around greater involvement of the 5G Vertical Users in the 3GPP process. Other outputs will be practical guides on joining 3GPP with tips and pointers from delegates and chairs. 
The workshop was organised as an invite-only event. Workshop Leader: Stephanie Parker, Trust-IT and - member of the 3GPP MRP Task Force. Support organisations include: Huawei, Nokia and Orange.


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