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Goals of the Pilot

This smart city pilot is focused on defining a 5G network slicing architecture for smart lighting applications: metering solutions for gas, energy and water; remote monitoring of city infrastructure, such as pollution, temperature, humidity and noise; real-time traffic information and control, city or building light management and public safety alerts for improved emergency response times. 

In terms of 5G functionalities, SLICENET investigates: 

  • 5G customised network slice support for IoT applications will be assessed against the initial status quo built on legacy, LoRaWAN or LTE-M connectivity technologies. 

Architecture and Overview

Based on a high level architecture constructed on three levels: data collection and transport layer, open IoT middleware layer and application layer, the system will allow real-time and history based energy consumption measuring. Furthermore, the entity responsible for operating and maintaining street lighting infrastructure will be able to proactively spot malfunctions, energy loss or attempts at energy theft on the public lighting network.

Outcomes and Impacts

The impact of the Smart City lighting pilot comes from innovations in programmable infrastructure deployment with 5G network resources, slice and service monitoring and collected data explosion. This includes

  • Service QoS/QoE KPIs assurance and metrics (bandwidth, delay, jitter, packet loss).
  • Service provision within proper IoT – mMTC provisioned slice.
  •  A new operational model for deploying, operating and system service assurance. 

There are two commercialisation options:

  • The service application (all or part of the components). The application can be sold as a standalone without linking it to the programmable infrastructure. This will provide customer advanced functionalities over the lighting solution.
  • End to End Solution, including: application components, marketplace, vertical. 

Location: Alba Iulia City (Romania)

Date: Q4-2019

Vertical Partners: Alba Iulia City facilitated by Orange Romania; partners Flash Lighting Services S.A., Flashnet SRL, BOX2M  etc.

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