High level of interoperability confirmed during ETSI-5GAA C-V2X testing event in Europe

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High level of interoperability confirmed during ETSI-5GAA C-V2X testing event in Europe

A partnership between ETSI and 5GAA (5G Automotive Association) demonstrates extremely positive level of multi-vendor interoperability. The testing took place at the first ETSI C-V2X PlugtestsTM, 2-6 December 2019 at the DEKRA premises in Malaga. DEKRA is a leader in automotive safety testing. 

ETSI TC ITS (Technical Committee on Intelligent Transport Systems) and 3GPP

The event demonstrated a high-level of interoperability across all participating companies employing 320 C-ITS test-cases, where devices were successfully communicating with each other directly and without network connectivity based on ETSI TC ITS and 3GPP standards, in both lab and field environments. Participating companies also conducted the recently adopted 5GAA cellular vehicle to everything (C-V2X) IoT test specification for mode 4 operation over the PC5 direct communication access layer interface. 

The positive resuls, with over 95% of the executed tests showing an extremely positive level of multi-vendor interoperability, shows the sector's maturity to support the commercial deployment of C-V2X solutions across the globe, with both infrastructure and onboard units. 

Plugtests™ represent a fundamental tool to allow vendors to evaluate the interoperability of their systems, strengthening cross-industry cooperation and the entire C-V2X ecosystem. 

5GAA leadership on the results

  • Maxime Flament, 5GAA CTO: An important milestone has been achieved from testing European LTE-V2X radios with ETSI as part of the association's global strategy to accelerate C-V2X time-to-market and deploy C-V2X on European roads. 
  • Bob Banks, Vodafone Group and 5GAA WG3 Chair: The results clearly show the maturity of both the C-V2X technology and products from different vendors as crucial and available enablers for connected and safer mobility.
  • Ralf Weber, Qualcomm and 5GAA WG3 Vice Chair: We have demonstrated that C-V2X is working as expected, ensuring many companies are now ready for deployment in Europe. 

Workshop Insights 

5GAA also organised a workshop alongside the Plugtests™ on 4 December on the latest developments for C-V2X interoperability and deployment. Comprehensive presentations on on-going standards developments that are already supporting the deployment of C-V2X were given by 3GPP and ETSI TC ITS. Other presentations, from the European Commission, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Global Cerrtification Forum (GCF) zoomed on updates on ITS and how C-V2X can drive its deployment. 

Overall, the week was viewed positively, with 65% of participants being 5GAA members and around 70 C-ITS expers to test and validate C-V2X products that are both mature and commercially available today for the cooperative, connected and automated mobility ecosystem.


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