ONE5G: Cell-less Megacity Proof-of-Concept for Industrial areas with large factories

This ONE5G proof of concept focuses on the Factory of the Future:

  • Time critical, reliable process optimisation.
  • Non-time-critical communication including sensing and factory logistics.

In terms of 5G functionalities, ONE5G investigates:

  • Dynamic multi-link/multi-node connectivity, advanced link management based on CRAN, E2E network performance optimisations.

Locations: Aalborg (Denmark); Athens (Greece)

Date: Q2-2019

Partners involved: Aalborg University, WINGS

ONE5G Website@ONE_5G



Type of Experiment:

ITU Functionality:


Insights and Calls to Action from URLLC2018

Taking place 5-6 September in London, 5G Ultra Reliable and Low Latency Communications,

Interview with 5G TRANSFORMER project coordinator, Arturo Azcorra

Interview with the project coordinator of 5G Transformer Arturo Azcorra, at EUCNC 2018, Ljubliana