NGPaaS: IoT4energy

IoT infrastructure can fully control end-to-end deployment of Energy-based IoT Applications by provisioning and allocating resources on-demand according to initial service level agreements (SLAs) or evolving SLAs.

Main VNFs and Applications of Interest are Real-time automation, Smartgrid, SLA monitoring, Multiple-application management. 

The main stakeholders are Utility Companies, Facility Managers, Property Managers.

In terms of ITU 5G functionalities, NGPaas investigates: 

  • Microgrid or Energy Applications for Buildings becoming a complete subset of the 5G network, with their own logic and OSS/BSS/security/performance constraints.

Location: Paris-Saclay (France)

Date: Q2-2018

Vertical Partners: VM2M

Partners involved: NOKIA, BCOM, UNIMIB

NGPaas Website@NGPaaS_5GPPP



Type of Experiment:

ITU Functionality:


Insights and Calls to Action from URLLC2018

Taking place 5-6 September in London, 5G Ultra Reliable and Low Latency Communications,

Interview with 5G TRANSFORMER project coordinator, Arturo Azcorra

Interview with the project coordinator of 5G Transformer Arturo Azcorra, at EUCNC 2018, Ljubliana