Verticals Cartography

In 2035, when 5G’s full economic benefit should be realised across the globe, a broad range of industries – from transportation to entertainment and education, and everything in between – could produce up to 10.7 trillion euros worth of goods and services enabled by 5G mobile technology. Meanwhile, Europe’s 5G Public Private Partnership (5G PPP) is developing new applications across a diverse set of verticals spanning proofs of concept, prototypes, demonstrations, trials, and pilots in order to validate the functionalities defined for 5G by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) – Enhanced Mobile Broadband, Massive Machine Type Communications, and Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications – so consumers and sector end users can really know what 5G is all about.

How to use the cartography:

The experiments are taking place in Europe between 2018 and 2020. You can view the experiments by sector, country, and ITU functionality by clicking on the boxes on the right. New country locations and tests will be added in the future. Meanwhile, enjoy our 5G PPP showcase.


Smart Cities

5G-PICTURE: City testbed

This 5G-PICTURE demonstration focuses on converged FH and BH services in a smart city environment. 5G-PICTURE leverages an integrated 5G city testbed in the city of Bristol (BIO), which will provide a heterogeneous data plane integrating together the programmable technologies of 5G-PICTURE over which a variety of network functions will be orchestrated to support jointly FH and BH services.

In terms of 5G functionalities, 5G-PICTURE investigates: 

Smart Cities

5G-PHOS: PON-overlaid Dense City Area

5G-PHOS demonstrates a 25 Gb/s PON-overlaid 5G fronthaul targeting dense city areas applications over currently deployed PON facilities. 5G-PHOS will initially carry out a lab-scale demonstration at Orange Lab facilities that will be followed by a field-trial demo at the PON infrastructure of Greek Mobile Network Operator Cosmote.  

In terms of ITU 5G functionalities, 5G-PHOS investigates: 

Smart Cities

5G-MoNArch: 5G Touristic City

Haptic internet, augmented and virtual reality,and public deployment of a 5G network. The touristic city test-bed  demonstrates a selected set of innovations  on the topic of network slicing and elasticity. 

Transport & Logistics

5G-MoNArch: 5G for Sea Ports

Automated operation in the port environment, private deployment of a 5G Network. The Smart sea port test-bed demonstrates selected innovation functions and concepts related to resilience on the topics of network slicing, network resilience to provide and maintain an acceptable level of services in case of faults, and network security including adaptation of the cryptographic algorithms.

In terms of 5G functionalities, 5G-MONARCH investigates: 

Media & Entertainment

5G-MEDIA: Dynamic and Flexible UHD Content Distribution over 5G CDNs

In this use case,we intend to test access streaming of UHD media services through various personal devices, both fixed and mobile, while the user is on the move in the 5G network. This use case offers the following two scenarios:

Media & Entertainment

5G ESSENCE: Next-Generation integrated in-flight connectivity and entertainment systems

The 5G ESSENCE In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity demonstration tests and validates the multi-tenancy enabled network solution for passenger connectivity and wireless broadband experience. The multi-RAT Cloud-Enabled Small Cells (CESCs) will be implemented as a set of integrated access points to be deployed on-board.